About Us

St Catherine’s Pre-Primary School offers a warm, caring environment in which we bring God’s love into teaching.  Our early childhood program is designed to nurture the development of the whole child by catering for the spiritual, academic, physical while enveloping them with love.  We instil positive school habits and attitudes

that will extend inside and outside of the classroom.

Although our teachers are all fully qualified Pre-Primary School teachers, they participate in on-going professional development activities and workshops to stay current with educational trends and to adapt to the changing needs of modern children and families. They set the stage for life-long learning and encourage the development of positive social skills that children will master as they grow older.

St Catherine’s Pre-Primary School caters for children in the following three age groups:


  • Grade 000    (3 years turning 4 years)
  • Grade 00      (4 years turning 5 years)
  • Grade R        (5 years turning 6 years)

School Times

The school is open from 07h00 each morning although our day officially starts at 07h45 am and ends at 13h00.

We do cater for children who have to wait until 15h00 for their siblings in the Prieparatory and Senior School.

Academic Support

Our school has access to the services of an Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist although their therapy fees are not included in our school fees and are therefore for your account if you wish to make use of their services. Children who are in need of support receive therapy during school hours while they are fresh and more receptive.


Our summer uniform for everyone is black shorts and the Pre-Primary School light blue golf shirt with black sandals or black slip slops. Our winter uniform is the school long-sleeved golf shirt with the school tracksuit. The school jersey may also be worn if it is cold. Black or white tekkies may be worn with white socks. A black school sun hat has to be worn all year round. We have a strict policy of no hat no play.

Educational Entertainment and Outings

We arrange for various organizations to visit the school throughout the year and interact with the children in such a way that they learn while having fun.

At least once a year the children are taken by bus to an educational venue that they may not have experienced before. The safety of the children is of paramount importance when planning all outings.

Activities completed during class

The Grade 000 and Grade 00 classes both have Music as part of their curriculum.

The Grade R classes have Computers, Physical Education and Music as part of their Curriculum.

Extra-curricular Activities

We have 3 extra-curricular activities offered at our school during break-time which are not included in the school fees and are therefore for your account.

  • Soccer by Little Kickers
  • Ballet by Lindsay Fothergill School of Dance
  • Golf by Phillip van der Merwe Golf Academy


We also offer a structured aftercare program on the school premises between 13h30 and 17h30pm daily which includes a tasty cooked lunch with fruit and juice being offered in the afternoon.


  011 827 4102       info@stcatherines.org.za