On Friday 29th of July the St Catherine’s stage came alive with our very elegant, very stylish, yet very nervous
Grade 10 learners. The Grade 10s competed for the Mr and Miss St Catherine’s title. After an evening full of
excitement our contestants were ready to find out who the winners would be.
A very big congratulations and thank you to every learner who took part in the show or helped backstage.
The winners were as follows:

Miss St Catherine’s 2016: Jasmine Adams Mr St Catherine’s 2016: Refiloe Mashao
1st Princess: Fezi Dube 1st Prince: Marco Bisotto
2nd Princess: Mpumi Manana 2nd Prince: Nhlakanipho Sibiya

This year’s contest was an extremely successful fundraiser, as a
total of R14 876 was raised. Thank you to all who attended and
all the parents for their continued support.
Mrs S. Pita



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