From the Head of School’s Desk.

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We live in both exciting and challenging times and nowhere is this truer than in the field of education. St. Catherine’s has served the local community for more than a century with distinction. The hallmarks of our offering include a deep sense of Christian purpose and a commitment to exceptional quality in the classroom and in the field of co-curricular activity. As we strive to innovate we are also constantly mindful of the deep roots which we have in our community and the wealth of tradition which forms an integral part of what we stand for. A St. Catherine’s alumnus enters the world of tertiary education or work not only as one who is fully equipped to meet the demands placed on them, but also has the emotional maturity and social awareness to interact constructively with others and to contribute to the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

At St. Catherine’s our pupils are members of a family of learning where they not only experience tradition but are also taught to succeed.

Dennis Maritz

Head of School


  011 827 4102